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For Hair, Beauty & More

In our experience across a range of different industries, there are a few things that remain the same. One of those things is this.

As a business owner, your job isn’t to treat patients, build houses or cut hair, your job as a business owner is to sell your product or service and to grow and scale your business. On top of this it is your job to manage staff, time and money effectively.

For Salon owners we understand the struggle in achieving this – No time, empty appointment book, lack of cash flow, unproductive staff, high staff turnover, mismanaging calls or disorganised reception desk? It seems like a real drag…


At VAIN we uncover the true value and potential in your salon and develop strategies to take you and your business to the next level. Through years of experience we’ve learnt that these common issues are only obstacles, obstacles which can be overcome.


Let us ask you this. How much better off would your day be if you had the following?

Staff arriving on time, ready to tackle the day

Seamlessly functioning front desk

Steady flow of new patients

Automated systems to re-book and recall existing patients

Our strategies are carefully formulated to tackle your specific issues, we sit, we chat, we analyse, and we implement. If you tell us what you are struggling with on a day to day basis, we will develop a solution for you.

Our Solutions

Staff reception training

Staff rostering and attendance systems

Marketing campaigns & automated workflows

Cash flow management

Online booking software

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