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Part 3 – Retention & Acquisition: The Key to Marketing Your Clinic

 Growing your brand


While it is difficult to measure, overall brand recognition is one the most valuable assets a clinic possesses. In what can be considered the final phase of a basic acquisition strategy, growing a brand is about capitalising on measured and targeted marketing by further generating awareness  – Solidifying your name, identity, look and feel in the local community, while beginning to branch out.


Key considerations include:


  • Developing 2-3 clear messages you want to convey
  • Constantly looking to innovate
  • Community engagement
  • Building long term relationships
  • Focusing more on widespread campaigns


With a strong brand, word of mouth referrals become a real asset, people begin to recognise your logo, your catch-line and most importantly the quality service that you provide.


Filling the books won’t ever be simple, however with a framework like this you should be able to put in place some very basic strategies and steps to satisfy both patient retention and acquisition. Primarily, this highlights the importance of the little things like friendly, well-trained staff, it also highlights the importance of a database and executing elementary marketing tactics for your clinic.