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Part 2 – Retention & Acquisition: The Key to Marketing Your Clinic

The low hanging fruit


One of the greatest upsides of patient retention is building a database and remember – In healthcare data is king! Every ounce of patient information that you can extract, the better off you will be. Here is what you can do with a strong database.

  • Develop an awesome recall campaign, using both eDM’s and SMS
  • A social media referral program will enable you to constantly reach out and connect with large audiences of existing patients
  • Stay in touch with a newsletter
  • Use patient feedback surveys to identify areas of improvement
  • Determine the lifetime value of a patient
  • Gather data and knowledge on existing patients to develop and fuel patient acquisition with targeted marketing campaigns

The low hanging fruit centres around building a killer database, which is the core driver of the acquisition phase, and we’ll outline how that works here.


Acquire to grow – Measured & Targeted


The foundations have been set, now it’s time to build and acquire.

Digital Marketing – You’ve almost certainly heard this before, it’s not too complicated, its marketing in the 21st century! The best part is that it is measurable and targeted and if someone hasn’t already mentioned this too you, it is an absolute must.

With the database we discussed earlier, it will make digital marketing easier and a whole lot more effective, because you know:


  • Age
  • Sex
  • Family makeup
  • Address
  • Health concerns
  • Occupation
  • Where they heard about you
  • Why they chose you


It’s a simple science and knowing your target market is easier than ever but also more important than ever.

With digital marketing tools like paid search advertising, social media advertising, retargeting and content creation/ blog articles you will be able to carefully curate and market to exactly who you want, better yet you will be able to track and analyse the results to assess the campaigns success.

Some important points to remember to ensure success:


  • Understand your total monthly revenue and develop an overall marketing budget. (keep it around 2-5% of total revenue)
  • Know your patient acquisition cost/budget
  • Know your target market
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket


So, let’s recount the bases we’ve covered so far – We have worked on patient retention by grabbing that low hanging fruit. In doing so we created a professional clinic and built a database. Then we used that database to tick off the first patient acquisition strategy with some simple targeted marketing.

What is left?


Stay tuned, next week we will discuss the third and final step and how growing your brand will become one of your most powerful assets.