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Part 1 – Retention & Acquisition: The Key to Marketing Your Clinic

In the first part of a 4-part series, we will be sharing with you the key to marketing your clinic. Based on a simple but proven patient retention & acquisition model. Let’s begin.


Driving business success in healthcare is something we focus a lot of our efforts on and at the end of the day, maintaining a profitable clinic can be a little bit of a headache… While there are plenty of complexities in operating a clinic, there are some absolute non-negotiables that can be executed to satisfy both patient retention & acquisition.


These two elements certainly aren’t the be-all and end-all to the success of your clinic, though they are key to growth, which is why they should be high on your list of priorities.


When we think about these, people are often led to believe they should be focusing on one or the other, primarily on the basis that retention is less costly than acquisition (which is true), so what should your focus be?


Patient retention drives patient acquisition


Focusing on one or the other can cause problems and you’re more than likely missing out on a real opportunity to leverage. As such there are a few reasons why retention drives acquisition.

  • It is less costly (around 5 times less costly on average)
  • You have an existing relationship with customers
  • With a good referral program, you’re already on your way to acquiring new patients
  • You build a database


Let’s discuss


Patient retention is the low hanging fruit, the easy target and usually the first cab off the rank. In recent years the medical/ healthcare industry has seen an indispensable shift from treatment to prevention, meaning returning or existing patient numbers should naturally be on the rise.


Inevitably customers who are already familiar with the service you offer are more likely to return and this is often a result of the rapport you have built with the patient.


The lowest hanging fruit


Key operations and elements such as the following will act as the foundations to drive acquisition:


  • First Impressions: A smiling staff member, presentable reception area, friendly manner and fun, professional environment.
  • Customer service
  • Referral program
  • Detailed new patient form


These are the absolute non-negotiable’s.


Stay tuned, next week we will discuss step 2 and how building a database will allow you to build the foundations for a successful clinic.