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Healthcare is an industry we specialise in due to our wealth of experience. We understand that it’s fast paced nature can cause headaches for business owners & any healthcare clinic. The most common problem we have identified in working in the industry is practitioners focused on being the best practitioners they can be, without the time or know-how to manage the back-end of the business.


In our experience healthcare business owners are simply too busy to grow their business. So are you ready to take your healthcare clinic to the next level? We work with you to achieve these things and in the process give you back the gift of time:

New Patient Numbers
Total Billings

  1. Seamlessly functioning reception desk
  2. Productive staff
  3. Full appointment book
  4. Steady flow of new patients
  5. Actively re-engaging existing patients
  6. Staffing
  7. Cash flow management

How we transformed a physio clinic

1. Mystery call

We value reception – As the gatekeepers they are directly responsible for new business. A mystery call allowed us to identify individual and collective areas for improvement. These areas included call handling, communication (particularly fees and practitioner information), appointment book management and sales skills.

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2. Reception Training

From our findings we developed a staff training program to up-skill and train staff to better manage calls, appointment book and patient enquiries. This included developing checklists, frameworks, injury triage and a platform to encourage open discussion between staff on areas where they had any concerns.

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3. Missed Demand

Through monitoring and understanding calls we were able to identify a market demand for services, and what time people wanted to utilise those services. Hydrotherapy, pilates and massage therapy sessions were all being under serviced due to a lack of appointment availability. By collating data over a 2 week period, we put in place specific service availability to maximise earning potential in those hours.

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4. Hiring New Practitioner and Changing Practitioner Hours

The secondary phase in identifying a missed service demand was to shift and hire a new practitioner to satisfy the new found demand. By reallocating roles and responsibilities, practitioners were given a new performance based incentive to drive their individual growth. This also enabled the clinic to hire a new practitioner to satisfy massage hours specifically (before and after work hours).

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