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Dental One

Dental One

Dental One was created to make Dentistry more affordable and accessible in Australia. Cost has long been sighted as the number one reason people avoid visiting the dentist. Dental One aim to remove this obstacle and usher in a new wave of Affordable Dental Care for all.

Dental One teamed up with VAIN, with an eye to achieve a few key objectives: Improve staff efficiency, analyze key data to determine marketing campaigns, cut down on operational costs, lower expenses and position itself as The NO GAP dentists.

With this in mind VAIN set about using expertise in Data, Internal Systems Auditing, Procurement & Marketing to achieve the objective. 

Step 1.

Overhaul internal systems to improve staff proficiency and cut down on operational costs

A quick analysis of the internal systems revealed clunky, outdated and time consuming infrastructure. VAIN were able to recommend software that was adaptable and more suited to the needs of  the business, using an open API to integrate multiple software into one.


Step 2.

Analyze and interpret data to identify marketing opportunities

Looking at big data sets VAIN were able to identify patterns and trends in how Dental One acquired new patients and retained existing patients. From this VAIN put in place traditional and digital marketing campaigns including social media and eDM’s to satisfy both new patient acquisition and existing patient retention.

The Results.

Greater automation, improved proficiency and targeted marketing campaigns

With this Dental One were able to migrate multiple software into one easy to use platform for all staff. This in-turn freed up staff time, accurately recorded patient information and improved cost effectiveness of running less software. From this framework, VAIN then set about using the recorded data to implement a marketing campaign which increased patient retention by 20% and kept the new patient acquisition spend to a minimum.

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